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Description of the IHC Circles listed above:
  • BOARD GAME SOCIALTake a break from the computer and phone screens and play some tabletop games face to face. We'll try  both classics (Yes, we'll have Scrabble) and the latest in board games (Wingspan, anyone?). Whether you like word games, trivia games, dexterity, strategy games or just want to try something new, we'll have a variety of titles on hand to teach and play in small groups formed around your preferences. No experience required. 
  • COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERING: This Circle will focus on helping out at local food pantries and community gardens as a way to address food insecurity in Indianapolis. 
  • EUCHRE: Shuffle the deck and deal the cards for this quintessentially Hoosier card game in which you take tricks and trump is never political.
  • GA'AVAH (PRIDE): Ga'avah meaning Pride, is a Circle designed to support and embrace LGBTQ+ congregants at IHC. Ga'avah creates space for LGBTQ+ congregants and allies to socialize, learn, worship, and promote LGBTQ+ social jusitce at IHC and beyond. New members are always welcome.
  • GLOBAL DINING EXPLORERS: The local restaurant scene continues to grow and diversify with new dining opportunities every week. Together with fellow IHC foodies and chowhounds, whet your appetite and explore the many cuisines, tastes, spices, and choices that make Greater Indianapolis an up-and-coming food destination
  • IT'S WINE O' CLOCK SOMEWHERE: Do you like wine?  Do you know lots about it or pick wine by the color of the label?  Whatever you know about wine, you are invited to join the “It’s Wine O’Clock Somewhere” Circle where we are learn more about wine, taste samples and enjoy time together.  
  • MAHJONG MAVENS: Grab your tile set and head over to IHC for a game or ten with the other IHC mahjong mavens. This addicting game of skill, strategy, and luck is a great way to spend an afternoon with other IHC enthusiasts.
  • MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS: Helping others better understand and cope with thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can take a toll on you. Though not intended as a clinical support group, gather with other IHC mental health providers to share opportunities and challenges and consider how Jewish wisdom and values find their way into your practice.
  • NEWISH TO JEWISH: Are you new to Judaism? We are so glad you’re here! Whatever brought you, join together with others to explore Jewish holidays and food, and support each other on your Jewish journeys.
  • TAKE A HIKE … TOGETHER: Get outside with a diverse group of fellow IHC members who enjoy sharing their love for exploring the Hoosier landscape and the change of seasons. You’ll find experienced hikers and those who are new to hiking; young and finely aged; single and coupled; fair-weather hikers and all-weather hikers. And best of all, the fresh air is mixed generously with conversation and friendship.
  • YOUNG COUPLES: Married or not, being a couple doesn't mean you stop wanting to have fun or meeting more fun new IHC people! Break from the norm and have some fun! We'll check out some new spots, some old spots, some home spots, some active activities and some not-so active activities! No matter what we do, we'll be sure to share a whole bunch of laughs along the way!
  • YOUNG FAMILY ADVENTURES: It’s time to get out of the house with your preschool aged children and have some fun with other IHC families. Bring your kids to a park, a museum, a playground, or a backyard and let them go bananas while you hang out with fellow parents. 

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